Integrating N8N with ChatGPT (web)

I want to integrate n8n into ChatGPT to perform custom actions like what people are doing with Zapier.

Has anyone attempted this yet?

Hey Wayne!

Yes there are various ways to do that. For simpler stuff, you could just use the OpenAI node itself. For (truly wild and powerful AI-enhanced automations), you can use our LangChain integrations that’s currently in beta: n8n LangChain Integration

Here’s a little video sizzle of our LangChain feature too to get the idea faster:

@maxT Hey Max, yeah I’m waiting for LangChain to be pushed into the main docker image so I can have a place with it, but in the mean time, I was looking for a way to integrate n8n with ChatGPT’s custom actions on the web, so via the actions panel, like we can with Zapier - I assume the best place to start would be the n8n api? n8n public REST API | n8n Docs

yeah, you would need to build an API to trigger your actions, so a webhook listener and then a n8n API flow that will do different actions depending on the incoming requests.

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