Integrating with linkedin


First of all WAW n8n is one of the best things I came across in the last couple of years!!!

I am trying to integrate it with linked in to automate the publication of posts and because I could not find an already created node, I am using the Oauth2 credentials type.

I have created an App in LinkedIn, I went through all the steps and I got the secret and clientID for the app. I have put all the info in the Oauth2 credentials in 8n8 but when I click Oauth connection another window pops up and stays blank…

Has anyone else tried to integrate LinkedIn already?

I am sure I am missing something but I cannot see what.

Thanks a lot for this amazing platform and your support.


Welcome to the community @lazarus! Really great to hear that you enjoy n8n!

A LinkedIn-Node sounds like a great idea. You can request it under “Feature Request->Node” so that other people can upvote it and we then prioritize accordingly.

Honestly did not try to integrate with LinkedIn myself. Did you set the Callback-URL accordingly? Are you using localhost? That is OK with the most services but not with all of them. Maybe LinkedIn is an exception here and you should try with the tunnel instead.

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Hello Jan,

Yest I was setting up everything correctly but apparently LinkedIn do not respect the standards and the OAuth2 node is not very happy about it. I have fixed the issue modifying the node module but I would like to find an approach that does not expose my workflow to future problems. I am discussing this bug in the git issues. I will have a look myself in creating a LinkedIn node as soon as I will have a bit of time. I think will be fun.

@lazarus just sent a PR with the fix. Thanks for putting the report together. Will let you know when is released.

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Thank you very much for that.

Look forward to hear when it is available.

Thanks again for the amazing work

Got released with [email protected]

Great! I am trying to update running

npm update -g n8n

but still how version 0’.72.0 when I run

n8n -v

How do I update to the newest version?


Same discussion here with some information:

@lazarus can you please let us know which endpoints are you using exactly? So when we create the node at least we cover those endpoints. Thanks

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A LinkedIn-Node which allows to post, just got released with [email protected]

I’m still having issues with this. Whenever I attempt to connect my Linkedin OAuth v2 I get an error at Linkedin stating:

I’ve checked the scopes are all correctly setup on Linkedin’s end. Is there an issue with the n8n (v0.129.0) Linkedin Node?

Hey @hellotimking!

Did you follow the steps mentioned in the documentation here: LinkedIn | Docs?

There is additional information in the FAQ section that might be helpful :slight_smile:

Absolutely, I’ve followed that guide to the letter and it still refuses to authenticate.