Integration with airflow


Any documentation or inputs related to integrate n8n with airflow?

I’m guessing you are asking for Airflow integration. If so, we do not have one. I can make this post a feature request so that people can vote for it. The more votes, the more chances of being developed.

Also, The Airflow API is quite extensive. Can you please explain your use case, so when the node is developed we make sure it covers your use case. Thanks.

Apache airflow is open source. No specific usecase. I just want to be able to launch n8n workflows from airflow

ahhh I see. This is not posible and this would need work on the Airflow side rather than the n8n side. I have no experience with Airflow but as long as Airflow can make a HTTP Request you can integrate it with n8n by using the Webhook Node.

That’s what I was planning. Thanks.