Integration with erpnext

i try to create sales order doctype in erpnext ,sales order doctype in erpnext contain table sales order item as field so how i can create sales order

first i try to create sales order item but i can not it give this error

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Hey @Ismaeel_Krayyan, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the Erpnext node.

Unfortunately it seems like our n8n-account for this service expired (and the suggested docker approach is so painfully slow on my local machine that I couldn’t make it past their initial setup in the last hour or so).

So I couldn’t reproduce this first hand. However, from looking at the error coming from Erpnext which you have shared it seems some required values are missing, such as a Description field (“Value missing for Sales Order Item: Description”). Could you double-check you have provided all required values for your particular doc type?

Hey @MutedJam first thanks for you, i checked all required value for sales order item ,the problem is ,if i want to create sales order doctype ,one field of it is items which is a child table(doctype) i mean ,i have to fill value of this field by table (doctype) which is sales order item not natural value sting or number ,in erpnext i can not create child doctype with out determine parent doctype so, how this can implement in n8n and thanks another time.

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It’s still a problem.

Hi @turker.tunali, I am very sorry for this. Tbh my ERPNext knowledge is very limited, so without a reproducible example I won’t be able to provide much help here. Even with an example I think it’ll be tricky as I could never get this to work properly on my local machine iirc.

So I think your best bet here would be to use the HTTP Request node and simply specify the required API request manually.

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