Integration with Google Spreadsheet

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I am new to n8n community. I am trying to make a flow where I can parse a HTTP response and get it in Gsheets. I want to update the data in same range (for example A2:C20) without deleting the previous data. I tried using Append data but it add data to next empty row and while using Update data the flow is running successfully but data is not added in my spreadsheet. Can anyone please help with this.

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Can you help me understand what exactly is that you want to do? The Update operation updates the previous records. You can create a workflow to update only the specific fields. You will have to specify a Key column that the node uses to identify a row and update it. Did you check the Google Sheets documentation: Google Sheets | Docs

Yes I read the documentation and did the same thing as mentioned in documentation, but data is not updated in gsheets. In n8n it flow is running successfully but data is not updated in sheets.

Can you share the sheet that you’re using and your workflow?

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Hello Harshil,
Thanks for replying.
I am trying to update data sheets after making and HTTP call. Using HTTP call I am trying to update prices for a particular date range (Key). The execution in running successfully but prices are not updated in sheets. Below I am attaching the screenshots of my sheets and n8n flow.

Hey @Mustafa_Ali!

I ran a quick test, and found a solution. In your Google Sheets node, you need to select Formatted Value from the Value Render Mode. That should then update the corresponding rows.

Great. It worked.