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I’m a marketer and beginner programmer and I’d like to integrate Gsheets&OpenAI and (to push data to) - an email sending platform which unfortunately doesnt have a native integration but provides an API :

Can you please send some rough guidelines on how should I tackle this using n8n ?

Sorry if this has been asked before, please bear with me.

Thanks in advance

Hi @MariusL, welcome to the community!

n8n provides a number of generic nodes for tools that don’t have their own node yet.

One of these nodes is the HTTP Request node. This node allows importing curl requests which provide in their documentation. So the basic idea would be to copy these requests:

And then paste them into the HTTP Request like so:

Lastly, you’d need to replace the API_KEY with the actual API key you have received from

I reckon that’s about all you’d need to call their API using n8n. I couldn’t test this first hand, since I don’t have an account with them, but perhaps you can give this a go and confirm if you’re running into any issues?

Great, thanks for the detailed reply!

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