Integrations outside local network


I’ve been looking for an automation tool to integrate my different apps & services and n8n seems to fit for me. I am going to install it on my Raspberry Pi server through Docker. My question is the following one: If I use my local network server to automate my workflow, can I use n8n and its app integrations if I use a different network or wifi? For example: could I use the different app integrations with my computer during my time in the college campus? Thanks!

Hi @Aitor , great to hear that you are planning to use n8n for your workflows, sure you will be able to use it within your local network, or using others networks.

n8n require internet connection for the integrations to work (especially third party service integration, e.g. google sheets, twillio, mailchimp etc), but if you are using local configured services (running through docker or directly on your host machine) then you will need to expose them to the internet if you are willing to use them from different networks.

Let me know if this answer helps.


Thanks a lot @dali !! I’ll set up n8n on my Raspberry Pi through Docker after I finish my final exams on the 11th of June. If I have any doubts or problems, I’ll let you know!