International Phone Formatting

Looking at simple ways to clean up phone numbers and found Google’s phone number formatting lib and then the simplier javascript lib

Google Lib

Javascript version
Hosted CDN with the ability to pass through a Country code and the unformatted number

Question is - How can I do this from N8N utilising the CDN hosted JS and passing 2 parameters through?

Hey @Dwayne_Taylor,

It doesn’t really work that way, You would need to either find a web service / api that does the conversion or install the package into your n8n instance to use it in a function node or as a community node.

I did wonder if you could maybe do something clever with the webhook node but while I could happily create a small service that outputs the answer based on 2 inputs it didn’t work from an HTTP Request node.

Think I have found an easier way with an off the shelf api with 1000 free credits per month

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