Invalid Bearer Token

I am trying to use exact online with the HTTP Request node in combination with the OAuth2.
My OAuth2 shows it’s connected but every time i make a call it says that the Bearer token is invalid.

If I re-connect the OAuth2 I notice my Bearer Token does not update/change.

It might be related to ticket #5743

Does anyone know if this is related to ticket #5743
and if not how to solve the issue?

Maybe it helps to change “Authentication” to “Body”?

This is a screenshot of my credentials for Exact Online:

I thought the same thing, but that did not make any difference.

Can you post an export of your workflow?

As you can see it shows i selected header in the credentials, I’ve also tested it with body no difference in that

I’m to new to “have multiple images enclosed”… sorry for the many messages

Hey @JGeraeds which version of n8n are you using? I assume @freddie is using the Docker image of that particular branch.

I’m currently using 0.126.1 which is the latest stable version if I’m not wrong. I’m as well using docker and not the npm version