Invalid JSON

Hello, i am running a workflow where i plug in information into a json body - i dont have a problem with inserting any info from prior nodes except for one and i cant understand what i am doing wrong. I am attaching the flow.

if i remove the airtable item it will run as with all other airtable json items. But the OpenAI is flagging for invalid json. Even when i update the original airtable with the message and then try to grab from there instead of the open AI node directly it still gives me problems. I have no idea what the problem is.

attach some sample data and the error message that openai gives you.

the screenshot you shared doesn’t have the error message

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this is a new one.

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but even though it is throwing a bad request its still pushing through the http node so technically it is working now.

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What was the problem?

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im not sure, couldnt figure it out. Json code was fine, had to go an alternate way.

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