Invitation link copy is empty after user creation

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I have just installed N8N server locally. When creating a user via the INVITE button, I see a notification message telling me that the invitation link is copied to the clipboard. When I want to paste the link to send manually to the users, this is empty. Can you help me solve this problem?

Hey @herveg,

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I have just given this a go and it appears to be working for me, Could you share how you have n8n running and what version you are using

I’m having the same issue. Running n8n in a docker instance on Ubuntu 22.04.

Version 1.25.1

Actually found this: New user invite link won't copy into the clipboard · Issue #17306 · strapi/strapi · GitHub
There they explain the reason and how to get around it. In short: add HTTPS certs or access via localhost URL

Hey @Sebastian_Jankowitsc,

That is interesting, I wonder if we also use the same option as Strapi or if it is unrelated.

Hi Jon!
For me accessing via localhost at least solved the issue.

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