Is it ok to ask here if I can get paid help for building integrations?

I would like to get some integrations outsourced. I hope its appropriate to ask that here if not I can erase this message. I am a tech noob and its getting too much of time trying to learn.

Hi @anilerkan, it’s totally fine to ask for paid help on the forum, we had this a few times before. I’ll move this to the Jobs category, hoping it’ll increase visibility a bit.

You might also want to fill out the form at n8n experts to have @viraj match you with a suitable n8n expert.

Thanks. Will fill out the form now.

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Hello Anilerkan! :blush: I’m Manassés Soares, a Python automation, AI, and NoCode/LowCode specialist. I understand that you’re looking to outsource some integrations and are having difficulties learning the technology. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! :rocket:

I can help you implement the integrations you need, saving you time and ensuring that everything is done correctly. I am confident that I can deliver exactly what you need!

Let’s make it happen! :muscle::rocket::sunglasses:

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