Is it possible to hide or mask API key in n8n credential

Hello Community
I would like to know if it is possible to hide or mask (like password) the value of APIKey in n8n credential?

Below screenshot shows a sample credential created in n8n and it currently shows a dummy/fake API Key name & value. I would like to know if it is possible to mask the ‘value’ (like a password field is masked usually) in n8n credential?


Hey @mahmed11,

Can you tell me which version of n8n you are using? This is something we sorted out fairly recently so I assume you are using an older version but you didn’t complete the template we provide that would tell me :slight_smile:


Hi @Jon
Thanks for your response. I am using n8n v 0.213.0 via docker

Hey @mahmed11,

That will be it buddy, It was changed in 0.217.0 so an update will sort that out. You can find the release notes for that version here: Release notes - n8n Documentation

Thanks @Jon for your response. I appreciate. It is a good news that this feature has already been provided in later version.

Do you know which version of n8n is currently available as docker image (when we try to pull latest n8n image) for download & use? Is 0.217.0 or higher is already available via docker?

I tried to find this info over internet but couldn’t succeed. May be I am not searching it correctly or not looking at right place


Hey @mahmed11,

The latest version would be 0.218.0, you can find this on the release note link I sent earlier and probably in other places as well like DockerHub or GitHub

Thanks @Jon for letting me know that latest version is available via docker as well. I will pull latest image for some testing & evaluation.

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