Is it possible to use the telegram node to post to a (my own) telegram channel?

I tried to use the telegram node to use a telegram bot to send a message to a telegram channel where the bot is an admin.

I have both the chat ID and the name of the channel starting with @

Nothing I have tried so far seems to work.
(neither using the chat ID I got by adding the @username_to_id_bot bot as a member to the channel nor using the channel name itself)
I’ve tried a couple other stupid things not worth mentioning. :slight_smile:

it gives this error:

"message": "400 - {"ok":false,"error_code":400,"description":"Bad Request: chat not found"}",

"name": "Error",

"stack": "Error: Request failed with status code 400 at createError

I can get the same n8n node to send a message to a chat I have going between me and the bot. But I can’t get it to send an update to the channel by changing over to its ID. I’m wondering if maybe that’s just not supported? Or maybe I just THINK I have the chat ID for the channel, but I don’t really. :slight_smile:

Thanks to anybody very kindly for their time and help. :slight_smile:

Hi @MJ_33

Can you try opening this URL in your Browser?{bot_token}/sendMessage?chat_id={chat_id}&text=hello

Make sure to replace {bot_token} with your actual bot token and {chat_id} with your actual chat ID.

Please note that Chat ID of your Telegram Channel starts with a prefix of -100 something like this for example -1001367229836

If it’s working correctly then place the working chat ID in telegram node.


Thank you for the help. It gave me another thing to try at least. It turns out I had the right chat ID. But for SOME reason it won’t work without a minus sign in front of it. I wasn’t aware that needed to be included. Thank you for the help! :smile:


For what it’s worth, when the channel is public, the @username_to_channel works well in place of the chat ID. Also, n8n receives a response with the chat ID after sending a message using the channel’s username. So that’s another handy way to get the chat ID. Just make sure to include the @ symbol if you’re using the username. It is required :slight_smile:

I found the relevant section on this really long page, thanks to your help:
(and that’s where I found mention of the channel name as an alternative)


Good to know. Glad it helps.

Enjoy :tada:

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For anyone else who may run in to difficulty with this, a particular stackoverflow discussion (linked below) was also helpful to me for finding the chat ID of the channel (before I made it public, etc.)

The easiest way I found was from this suggestion:

Found another one easiest way : Just send to @username_to_id_bot (Telegram: Contact @username_to_id_bot) bot your invite link to your private channel, it will return it’s ID . Simplest level : maximum! :slight_smile:

The suggestions about getting it from the address bar are also easy (and not dependent on a bot), only problem is that the new version of Telegram on the Web doesn’t have it in the address bar. But you can still get it from the legacy version: Telegram Web

You have to add the -100 (rincluding the minus sign) to the beginning of the partial ID in the address bar. See discussion for more details:


thanks for this haha

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