Is it possible use "name" of sheet (not ID not Url) for work with it?

I need to choose a sheet, depending on who is a user
Spreadsheet has many sheets that names corresponds their tg_id
how to bind the name of sheet with it’s ID in the moment of creating this sheet
or may be ahother way to use names of sheets?

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Hey @ipkvitov,

Can you share a bit more? Are you using Google Sheets or something else?

yes, google sheets

Perfect so I think with Google Sheets the API requires the ID of the sheet to be used. But depending on which operation you are using we might ask you to select the sheet from a dropdown box which might be easier.

it is not automatically …

I decide to add information to a sheet2 and than take it from there … is it really?

Hey @ipkvitov,

I don’t understand the question there, So it looks like under Sheet you have selected Sheet 2 from the list which is using the name. Is there more that you want to do?

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

I record this data
and than for decide what sheet to use, I the first of all will find the tg_ID on the “Sheet2” and take info about sheetid

So are you trying to use the SheetId from the output you have there in another google sheet node so you can use it as a sheet or are you trying to set the tg_ID field in your document with a title field and it isn’t doing it?

At the moment, I checked if I have this user in my list (it works). If not, then I create a sheet with the same name as the user ID (it works). If there is already such a user, then I do a search on the sheet that I created for him. Now I’m stuck on the fact that I can’t copy data from another sheet to this created sheet. Apparently I need to first create columns on this empty sheet (I can’t do it) and then use Merge

Hey @ipkvitov,

You got it so yeah you would need to create the columns manually as I can’t see an option to just add data to a sheet. I have just asked internally if anyone has any ideas on this one but it could be a feature request to add it.

I’ve thought
If you put the columns manually, automation loses its meaning. There must be some way…
may be, the node “Code” be used for this?

Hey @ipkvitov,

At the moment I can’t think of anything, You could try the old v1 node if you have it around to copy / paste but another option would be to use the HTTP Request and manually build out the API request.

I am in the process of writing up an internal feature request for this but I don’t know when it would be implemented.

Hey @ipkvitov,

Good news, It turns out this is possible to do. You need to set the data you want to use and pass it to the sheet node and use the Auto Map feature. If the sheet is empty this will create the columns based on the data you pass to it.

You can find an example workflow for this below, Hopefully it helps.

That’s great!!!
Thank you!

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