Is N8N API an enterprise feature?

I’m on the N8N-AI Cloud version (trial version), but I’m not seeing the N8N API on the Settings page?

Is this only on higher plans?

Update: It’s not on my self-hosted instance either, so I guess that it’s not available on the AI branch. Any chance it could be enabled on a cloud instance?

No, it is not an enterprise feature. Is available for everybody for free. Also just checked on the latest ai-beta image. So sadly no idea why it does not get displayed for you.

So you see it on your instance?

Yes, here my local instance with the latest ai-beta image:

Somebody from the support team will follow up tomorrow to figure out what is going on there.

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Hey @systemaddict,

Out of interest when you ran n8n locally how did you do it and what environment options did you set?

fyi @systemaddict regarding the cloud instance. I did learn that we disable the API in the trial period to avoid abuse. After the trial period it is however available.

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I actually didn’t do anything regarding enviroment-variables. Just a clean cut installation of the docker image into portainer.

Hey @systemaddict,

When you added it to Portainer did you set any options at all? Which image did you use?

This image:

These env’s:

The N8N_DATA was a test that I don’t think did anything.

Hey @systemaddict,

I have juts started up the same docker image in Portainer and I am seeing the n8n API option under the settings :thinking:

Can you share the full n8n settings page from your portainer instance? Do you also see any errors in the log output?

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Oh dear, so do I. Maybe I got confused by the two environments. Sorry about wasting your time there.

Hey @systemaddict,

No worries, I am happy that we have worked out both :slight_smile:

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