Is "Read Binary Files" node not iterate through records

Does the Read Binary Files allow for iteration, I have a node which return three records but the node only reads the first and not all ?
Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 1.02.01 PM

Can you please provide more information. What is for example the output of the Set node and how is the Read Binary Files node configured. Thanks!

Hi Jan,
I am trying to process few files that are stored on the server path. the sql query returns set of file paths that I pass to the read binary files. I thought the node would would process each item, I am currently using batch node to accomplish this

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Thanks for sharing your workflow @roozbehk :slight_smile:

Based on your description, using the Split In Batches/Loop Over Items would indeed be the way to go here as the Read Binary Files node (like most database nodes and some other nodes when selecting) runs only once by default, even if it receives multiple items.

Check out the Node exceptions page in our docs for the full list.

Thank you @MutedJam , the Node exceptions explains this well. thank you for pointing it out.

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