Is there a way to do this without a loop?

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Just getting use to n8n logic flow and capabilities.

In this flow, I’m wanting to copy a number of emails in mautic, change some variables, then create a newer version of each. Get > Transform > Create.

I’m iterating over an array set in the “Set Vars” node.

Is there a way to do this flow without the loop? Is there a better way to do the “Reformat Email” step?


When making api calls like this, you typically want to do it in a loop, unless you can output everything in an array and pass that along. I find it’s much more difficult to do, so I will typically do a loop like this. I do recommend some changes to a few points in your workflow.

Here is what mine would look like:


Superb! Just the kind of feedback I was looking for. Thanks.


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