Is there a way to inspect the actual http requests in n8n?

Hello, I was wondering if there is any option to view or print the actual http request performed by a node. I am not able to find any information regarding the body, headers and other parameters sent via http requests in n8n, I searched in Network or Console but can’t find the actual requests I send.

This would be really helpful for declarative style node development where it’s a challenge to see the actual body you send in a POST request and figure out where the problem is.

Also, is there a way to get the actual error message from custom nodes, other than the generic “Invalid Input” one? After trying same requests in Postman a more detailed error message is presented to most APIs while in n8n I can only see the generic “Invalid Input” error message. It is challenging to always guess what parameters are missing or are invalid.

Thank you!


Would it be an acceptable solution for you if this was printed in browser console? I’ve seen some other low-code tools take this approach for dev-oriented features and would ofc reduce design/UI effort, which helps in prioritizing a feature request.

We are already doing exactly that when requests get made via the HTTP Request node. Currently, however not for any of the other nodes.

That would be great based on an env variable debugtoconsole=true type config

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@maxT It would be great yes. Would save a lot of development time

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Hello, I am experiencing the same problem as @alexnemes and I’m not sure if I understood your response… Does the solution you are talking about (http request printed in the console) already exist ? Or is this just a possible feature that could be implemented in the future ?

If there is no current solution, could you please tell me where I might be able to find what each field of the routing parameter does in declarative-style nodes ?

Thank you in advance !

This solution exists with HTTP Request node. Unfortunately not sure on declarative-style node details, maybe @marcus knows?

Hi @AceBasket,
we do have some docs for declarative style node parameters, but we do not log http requests to the browser console. If you want to look at examples of declarative style nodes, you could browser the code for one of these nodes.

An easy way to debug http requests would be to use a tool like and temporarly set the requestDefaults.baseURL to your url.

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Alright, thank very much for your help !

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