Is there a way to limit a node to run only once every 24 hours?

Hi, I have a node triggered by a time entry in Toggl. I want to only run this workflow once every 24 hours.

I don’t want to use a cron to run it every 24 hours—I want it to be triggered by the Toggl time entry.

Is there any way to check when the workflow was last run and keep it from running?

You could use a function node to set StaticData with the details for the last run time.


Just to add to the answer above you could also keep the last run time in a local database, Google sheet, Airtable or similar and check it at the start of your run.

What could help in the future is maybe updating the $workflow expression options to include last run time.


This alone is a reason to use N8N over Zapier! Thanks.