Is there a way to linux pipe events into a running instance of N8N?

Does N8N have a STDIN listener so I can pipe system events into it? Something like:

#!/usr/bin/env node

var stdin = process.openStdin();

var data = "";

stdin.on('data', function(chunk) {
  data += chunk;

stdin.on('end', function() {
  console.log("DATA:\n" + data + "\nEND DATA");

Or is there a way to do with from the workflows themselves?

Hey @hypercrowd,

There is a cli tool but I have not used it yet and I am not sure what you can pass / return.

What I would do is pipe it out to a curl command and use a web trigger in n8n that way you can use the same workflow with anything that can make an HTTP request.

Yes @jon is correct. Best to do it with curl and Webhook Node. We would need a special Trigger node for it. You can create a Feature request to make it work in the future.

Excellent, thanks for the rapid feedback, team.