Is there a way to use $credentials in webhooks config?

After I create a custom node and credentials, I need to dynamically add a parameter in the credentials as a path when obtaining the webhook to complete the webhook.
For example :
webhooks: [
name: ‘default’,
httpMethod: ‘POST’,
responseMode: ‘onReceived’,
path: ‘={{$parameter[“event”]}}/{{$}}’

Maybe our resident node builder, @marcus , could help you out with this one :slight_smile:

Hey @D_com,
binding $credentials as a webhook path is currently not supported. Binding the {{$}} would also always be the same id. Can you share your scenario aka. what custom webhook path you need to set?

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HI @marcus,Thank you for the reply,

In our custom workflow with N8N, we’ve set up a custom webhook node along with its corresponding credentials. In certain instances, requests from other sources reach our backend service. From there, we extract specific parameters to construct a URL. Subsequently, we query the ‘workflow_entity’ table to filter for the required URL, which we then call directly. This action triggers the N8N workflow via the said URL. To streamline this process, we’d like to dynamically generate this URL using a specific ID from the credentials, rather than manually entering it each time. While such a requirement may not be common, it has proven useful for our internal use

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