Is there any way in which I can log from my workflow by adding it logging statement in function node

So I want to log somethings in the log like whenever a workflow is completed or between some worfklow if a task is successfully completed.
For this I firstly enabled this(Configuration | Docs) and was able to import libraries.
But was not able to get it to log as it requires firstly the logger proxy which was imported successfully like this - const LoggerProxy = require(‘n8n-workflow’); but it also requires the Logger which is available under packages/cli/src/Logger but could not find a way how to import this.
If there is any other way in which can be used to log in the workflows?

Hey @Tarun_Charan, welcome to the community!

So your goal is to add to the server log inside of your Function node? I’d usually suggest avoiding internal APIs because they can chance without any notice and might prevent your workflows from functioning as expected.

Could you elaborate a bit on your use case? Any reason to not implement your own logging here (and for example store your custom log entry in an external Elasticsearch instance or database)?