Is there any way to update a YouTube thumbnail?

I’ve had a good look and it doesn’t seem to be part of the YouTube node set, although i’m thinking maybe “Custom API Call” might do the trick as it’s certainly part of the YouTube API.

Is there any example workflows that have this working? (Apologies if there is, I had a good look and couldn’t find any!)

Many thanks!

Hi @UnluckyForSome, I am afraid this is indeed not a feature of n8n’s YouTube node. Their API does however offer this method, so in theory you should be able to do this using the HTTP Request node:

Have you tried sending a POST request to with your YouTube credentials? Any particular error you are seeing?

Hi @MutedJam

Edit: OK I’ve managed this using the following settings:

(read binary data node before this to read the .jpg locally as “thumbnail”)

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