Issue in parsing data on webhook

























"name":"chandan kumar gupta",



"email":"[email protected]"






"text":"Name : chandan kumar gupta Mobile No. : xxxxx Email : [email protected] Course or Services inquiring for? : testing webhook api for tawk to",












i am trying to get Name, Emai, Phone from this, Name & Email is easily coming out by set node, But getting Phone Number is challenge to me any code or node to get this phone number

Hey @chandan988,

The best option would be to use a regular expression to get the data you are after. The ugliest way I can think of that would do it without Regex would be {{ $json.body.message.text.split('Mobile No. :')[1].split('Email')[0].trim() }} which you can see in action in the workflow below.

this is correct, But i cannot use previous data to run it automatically basically i cannot drag webhook header into this Function node so it runs automatically any solution to put previous webhook node data ( Header ) to this function node

Hey @chandan988,

I don’t follow, Why can’t you use previous data? The example does just that.

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