Issue in reading JSON Array from a custom node

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I have created a custom node that is supposed to read a JSON Array. But n8n is appending something like [Array: ] at the beginning because of which it’s erroring out as in my node I am doing JSON.parse() to read the data.

Tried several methods, including removing the Array: part using JS slice method and then parsing. Nothing seems to work.

What is the error message (if any)?

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Hey @Rajarshi_Sengupta,
welcome to the community :tada:

Our Expression Editor is showing the results as [Array: [...]] to illustrate that you are referencing an array. I guess inside your node’s execute function you are using something like:

const arrayOfObjects = this.getNodeParameter('arrayOfObjects');

In that case the arrayOfObjects should be an array. Can you check if that is the case or can you check the type like this?

console.log('typeof arrayOfObjects', typeof arrayOfObjects);

Also, what type is your property arrayOfObjects?

Hi @marcus, The type property set is json.

Hey @Rajarshi_Sengupta,

That looks to be how we display an array, Have you tried using the Array or posting it to a web service to see what arrives?