Issue with adding attachment in a freshservice note

Hi, Im am trying to add an image file as an attachment to freshservice note using “http request” node.

This a working curl request format
curl -v -u username:pass -H “Content-Type: multipart/form-data” -X POST[ticket no]/notes -F “body=some text” -F “attachments[]=@/data/image.png/” -F “private=false”

I am unable to replicate this in n8n. Please help me find a solution for this .

Hi @esther, it seems you are using an older version of n8n. Could you try upgrading to the current version of n8n? This would include a new version of the HTTP Request node allowing you to mix and match text and binary data like so:

This example workflow would send the form data from your example request as well as the file to the specified URL:

You’d just need to add basic authentication to provide username and password and adjust the URL as needed.

thank you @MutedJam . I was able to implement it easily after version update

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