Issue with automatic Workflow Triggering using N8N and

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I’ve been experiencing an issue with N8N for the past few days, specifically regarding webhooks. While my workflows can be executed manually, they fail to trigger automatically. To address this, i’ve activated the workflow, set up the webhook to launch « immediately, » and linked it to using the production URL.

Every time i perform an action on Monday(to trigger the webhook), it’s successfully detected by the webhook on their end(visible in the integration activity).

However, the command remains pending execution, and nothing happens on the N8N side.

However, I did notice a detail within the webhook node on the N8n side :

When i select the « Production URL, » it automatically reverts back to the « test URL. » Is this normal ? I’m uncertain.

I appreciate your assistance in advance.

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Hi Tom, It would help to know what environment your n8n is in. Sounds like it could be an issue with how your docker compose file is setup if you are self hosting. Could you provide more information about your hosting type?

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Hello, thank you for your response. My N8N instance is hosted in the N8N cloud environment at the following URL : “”.
It’s not self-hosted but rather operates on the N8N cloud. I didn’t need to touch any files or perform any installations.

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Hi @Tom.EDGDConseil, welcome to the community!

Is there a chance you’re simply looking at your canvas rather than the past executions? While data sent to the test URL of your webhook node will show up on the canvas immediately, data sent to the production URL is simply processed in the background.

You would need to check the execution list to view past production executions (provided you’re saving them in the first place and your workflow is active).

The test URL would be the default URL displayed by n8n, but this is just a UI decision. Both webhook URLs exist in parallel.

Hello,the issue is resolved. It was an error on my part with Instead of simply modifying the existing webhook, i accidentally recreated a new one, despite having correcty copied the ‘ProductionURL.’ This caused me to go back into test mode for N8N.

If I have advice to give to those who have the same error as me, look carefully at the URL entered in the webhook to ensure it matches the expected one. And of course, don’t recreate a webhook after the testing phase, but rather modify it to insert the production URL.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best regards.

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