Issue with file upload response error about headers

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I’m trying to upload to a Signed URL endpoint to a document management system, called Docrio, which is hosted on AWS. Using the signed URL I can upload just fine with Postman, but I try the same process with N8N I get the error. Does N8N send something “extra”?

"501 - "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n<Error><Code>NotImplemented</Code><Message>A header you provided implies functionality that is not implemented</Message><Header>Transfer-Encoding</Header><RequestId>5WRG640R3DJYE9RQ</RequestId><HostId>nSEU+zt+ZXoCvZxp9YoJRT/qcqAr+j7gLiFltUXAKmm6jN6plSXjrOoEQcRVC09zcEZarf8XxoA=</HostId></Error>"",

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  • n8n version: latest stable
  • Running n8n via (n8n cloud):
  • Operating system:

Hi @Philip_Wiggins!

Can you confirm exactly which n8n version you’re using?

Could you try testing this out via and see if there’s a difference in the headers from when you send this request via postman and n8n?

A quick test on my side with dummy binary data and it looks like n8n isn’t necessarily sending transfer-encoding using 0.222:

Could you also share an example of your workflow you’re using where the header can be seen? Might help us test if we need to!

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