Issue with Hubspot Trigger auth

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I’ve updated n8n to 0153 following this issue : Scope Error using Hubspot Trigger - #13 by jan
Since i’m still having issue with Hubspot auth.
First i’m having this screen :

Following i’m having this :

Then everything seems fine on n8n side :

But that’s not working :

Am I doing something wrong ?


Hm, I tried this in my own account but didn’t run into this error on n8n v0.153.0.

Hubspot auth can be a bit tricky, but the oauth state should be managed just fine by n8n. Is there a chance you are using the same Hubspot app for more than just your n8n instance or is your redirect target a different n8n instance than the one you’re initiating the authentication from?

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Hmm I will dig on the redirect, maybe something with Cloudflare…

I’m still having the issue, there is no redirect and the app is used only for the n8n trigger.

Hi @dubarseo, unfortunately I am out of ideas here as to what would cause the token verification to fail in your n8n instance. I’ve asked the team for assistance though, let’s see what they say.

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NP :slight_smile:
I’ve read something about “activating the Hubspot app with Postman”, i’m looking to understand this.

Are you using Postman in parallel to n8n to perform the authentication? If so, this could be the reason for an unexpected state value appearing in the flow.

Can you try completing the auth flow exclusively in n8n/Hubspot, without using a separate app in the middle?

No i’m not using Postman. I’m just using n8n. I’ve just understand in the thread that there is something to do to activate a new app, but maybe i’m wrong :slight_smile:

Ok, i managed logging into Hubspot adding the developer API Key.

Is there a way to send data to the trigger for testing purpose ?

Thanks for sharing the API key part, I had the same issue.
However, I’m still stuck at testing the triggers. Nothin seems to happen when I try them.
Did you manage to get any result ?