Issue with OAuth1 in HTTPRequest


I would like to retrieve data from a service via HTTP which requires OAuth authorization based on:

  1. Login URL
  2. consumer key
  3. consumer secret
    The call then returns a bearer token.

When I select OAuth1 as credentials for the HTTPRequest, there are many more fields I need to fill which dont make sense for my type of request.

Any idea how to solve this?


@JoEDU welcome to the community.

@harshil1712 talked to me about this issue. I wonder if the API you’re trying to consume has docs that I can access to? Perhaps this a variant of OAuth 1.0a. The library we using under the hook is

Hi Ricardo,

thanks. I can share with you the API doc via private channel and also a Postman example which shows you how a call works. What would be the best way here?
A part of the issue is that you consider ask for all parts of oauth1.0 credentials as mandatory components while parts of them are optional only.

Thanks and best,