Issue with removing Activecampaign Contact Tag

Hi guys,

I’m crating a system for managing Contact tags in ActiveCampaign from within Airtable.
I’ve managed to easily add a tag to activecampaign as the AC node allows me to pick a right tag from the list and choose which contact the action must be performed on:

But the node looks different when the Remove option is chosen. Theres no way to choose the tag from the list (we need a tag ID), but also there’s no field to appoint the right contact

So even if I know the right tag ID - the node executes correctly, but nothing happens as no contact was appointed…
Am I missing something here?


Hey @Kris_Szostak,

From what I remember in Active Campaign when you assign a tag to a contact it will have a unique ID value so your tag might have an ID of 7 but the same tag assigned to a user could be 30.

You can read about this in the Active Campaign API docs here: Remove a tag from a contact

This of course is not ideal so I will have a think about what we can do in the future to make this better, Maybe something like show the contacts in a list then once selected show the tags.

Thanks @Jon
I can see it now. Every time the tag is added to a contact, the ID is different

Main tag ID is 22, but the current tag associated to the contact is 1213. It makes sense now.
So I guess every time the tag is attached to the contact, this id value must be stored somewhere and then pulled in the process of removal later on.
Thank you.

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Hey @Kris_Szostak,

You got it.

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