Issue with Self-Hosted Login

I’ve been using the self-hosted version, which I thought was free, but maybe not? Maybe I was on a free trial. But I tried logging in and it’s saying It doesn’t recognize my login even though I know it’s correct, and so I click the forgot password link and I get an error message that says n8n is not able to send emails at this time and to contact the admin.

So assuming that maybe I was end of free trial I started paid subscription, but the cloud version obviously does not have my existing workflows and the self-hosted still isn’t letting me sign in. I’d like to be able to recover my workflows and open them in cloud or get the self-hosted version login issue resolved. Thank You

What is the error message (if any)?

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Hey @JasonA,

There is no paid version of self hosted n8n so chances are if it is saying the password is incorrect it will be that. What you could do is enable a mail server in your environment options so that it can send an email to allow the password reset.

There are free mail services it will work with like gmail but a lot of providers also have a free tier, Another option would be run the n8n cli tool to export all of your workflows then stop n8n from running and delete the database this will then recreate when you start it up again and you can just import the workflows.

SMTP Settings: User management - n8n Documentation
CLI to export / import workflows: CLI commands - n8n Documentation

I was attempting to login using my online login to but I’m assuming that login is not the same with the self hosted and it would be a different login, although I don’t recall ever setting up a log in on the self hosted since it’s on my own pc.

Where do I access the n8n cli tool?

Hey @JasonA,

You got it so the self hosted version is all kept in your environment with no shared logins this allows you to have more control over the access and allows it to work without needing to talk to our servers.

When you first run n8n it will ask you to create an owner account which will include setting a password, Accessing the CLI tool can be found here: CLI commands - n8n Documentation it will vary depending on how you setup n8n, It looks like that bit of the template was missed.