Issues if nodes in between


I’ve got similar crazy issues.

  1. If my Send-email-node is directly after the HTTP-Request-node the attachment in the email got sent.
    But if I use the set- and another airtable-node in between of the two mentioned nodes above, the email got sent but without any attachment … :woozy_face:

  2. Something similar if I want to search an airtable-record by a formula.
    It is not working, if I add two nodes in between.
    The result of the filter-search is null.

But if my second airtable-node starts immediately after the first one the filter-search works fine.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-28 um 00.57.07

Any hints why this is not working and what I have to change in my behaviour of creating such scenarios?

Best regards

Hi @martin23, the Airtable node would return a very different data structure than your HTTP Request node. Or in other words, it would replace the data provided by your HTTP Request node.

In most cases you could use a Merge node to overcome this problem. Consider the below example:

After the Set node, the binary file downloaded by the HTTP Request node would be gone:

To get it back I can modify my workflow like so:

The Merge node would combine the data from the HTTP Request node and the Set node, so afterwards my binary file is available again:

Hope this helps!

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