Iterator node like in Integromat

I guys, I need help to pull out the receipt info from an website and put them on the GSheets.
I have HTTP request and am able to pull all of my receipts from Loyverse. I need to put every item on a receipt on the GSheets, but I can only input 1 item on the GSheet per request from the receipt.

The result I am getting from Integromat (this info is enough thou)

The result I really want ( the complete report from Loyverse)

Workflow from Intergromat

Workflow from n8n

I did some researches and know that I need to put Function Item to get the result I want, but I don’t know where to start. Hope I can get some helps from you guys. Thanks in advance.

You need to convert the receipts array into multiples items. Once you do that, n8n will do the iteration automatically for you. No need to use any of iterator. To do it, connect the HTTP node to the Item List node. In the Item List node select the operation Split Out Items and in the Field To Split Out field set the value receipts.

Hi @RicardoE105 , Thanks for the quick answer. I just counter another issue.

I’m able to pull out and put the 2nd line data (receipt_number,…) on the GSheets

but not from the 3rd line (data in line_items and line_modifiers) (hope this makes sense)

any idea? Thanks.

Can you share the one item of the item lists’ output? Also what information from that item you need to save exactly in Google Sheets? With that information I can provide a better example.

Hi @RicardoE105, thanks for the answer. I want to pull out number_receipt, price, quantity, name, and option from the receipt data.

price and quantity are under line_items.

name and option are under line_modifiers.

I can only pull out receipt_number data and put on the Google Sheet.

How can I pull out all of them at once?

Can you please share the JSON? Just one item.

Hope this help

Hey @RicardoE105, I’ve got the results that I wanted. Thanks :smile: I appreciate your help very much. Happy Thanksgiving.

Great that you figured it out. Let us know if you have further questions.

Hey @semighoti!

I am glad that you were able to find a solution. Can you please share it here so that others with similar issues can benefit from it? :slight_smile:

Sure @harshil1712

The thing is I can only pull out all receipts, not just pull the last-in receipt, and add up to the old receipts on the sheet. For that reason, whenever the workflow run, it has to clear all the data on the Google Sheet first, then import everything again including the newest receipt.

I am working on the workflow to make it update only the last one thou.

Any advice would be helpful as well. Thanks.