Jira and JSON Custom Fields


Is it possible to use custom fields other than simple strings without making changes in the code? I’m asking for a situation where a custom field value is a list of objects for example.

The current code handling custom fields is:


const customFields = (additionalFields.customFieldsUi as IDataObject).customFieldsValues as IDataObject[];

if (customFields) {

    const data = customFields.reduce((obj, value) => Object.assign(obj, { [`${value.fieldId}`]: value.fieldValue }), {});

    Object.assign(fields, data);



I made a little change in the code to accept JSON string (with an additional boolean control in the custom field to toggle raw JSON string on/off) which then I can use templates (for example, using the value: [ { "name": "{{ $json.some_node_input }}" } ] ) but I’m not sure if I would need this. If anyone finds useful, I can submit a PR.


PS: Thanks @jan for the correction of my original post location.

You can currently do this without modifications. Set an expression with the value you want to set. For example, let’s say you want to set the custom field to:

   value : 1       

You have to do:


You’re right, I was using the expression wrongly when I first tried and failed. Thanks!