Jira Custom field set

I’m trying to set a custom field via the n8n update issue box. I have a custom field (customfield_12500) and four possible values that are 10301, 10302, 10303 and 10304.

This process updates the custom field of the related Jira ticket. However, when I set the field value (Custom field customfield_102500 and value 10301) I get the following error:

400 - {“errorMessages”:[],“errors”:{“customfield_102500”:“Specify a valid ‘id’ or ‘name’ for CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME”}}

Is it needed another nomenclature like id.10301 or something like that? I also tried with the name (string) of the field and including { “value”: “10301”} but it did not work.

The HTTP error is 400.

Information on your n8n setup

  • **n8n version:0.231.2
  • **Running n8n via Docker

You need to use an expression to send an object with the name or id. Looks like the id in your case.

Hi! @pemontto! Thanks for the response. I tested both options (and modified the labels to “value”, “id”, “name”, “key”…) but the same error is triggered. My instance is a Jira Service Management Cloud and n8n works well with other automation. Do you have any other ideas?

Can you provide a sample workflow or screenshot of how you’re doing it? Last resort, which I had to do for issue transitions, is to recreate the request in an HTTP node reusing the Jira auth.