Join our team and revolutionize Brazilian education with your n8n expertise!

Hello everyone, how’s it going?

I’m a co-founder of the Instituto Experience (, a Brazilian infoproducts and technology company with over 200,000 students.

We are in need of people with an advanced level of n8n and automation skills to work on some projects for us.

Some essential skills I consider are:

  • Mastery of n8n
  • API integration
  • Programming languages
  • Database knowledge
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Docker knowledge
  • Problem-solving and debugging

If you consider yourself advanced and possess these skills or know someone who does, please reply to this message, and I’ll reach out to you so we can work together and transform the future of education in Brazil!


Hello, I’m interested to hear your offer, I work with n8n about 3 years and create some complex workflows using a lot of tools, including db, CRM, email marketing and others.

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I’m interested in learning more and I have background in n8n as well as full stack technologies.

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Hi Rodrigo,
Which city in Brazil are you in?

Edit by @MutedJam: Hi folks, I’ve translated this post. Kindly use English in public threads so everyone can follow what’s going on in the forum. Portuguese is fine in DMs of course. n8n’s Discord server also has a Portuguese public channel if needed :slight_smile:

Hello @hubmedicalfinance I’m from Passo Fundo, RS.