JSON from Field

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i have a short question, how i can get the JSON that is inside a Field ?
Like here:

Without the propertyField

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Hi @Stefan

Try this:

Hi, this dont work:

Any other idea ?


Hi @Stefan

Depends what you want to get out of it. Do you want the data inside messages or do you want an array inside a field called messages. I assumed the first. You need to add “.Messages” to the end there like in my example. Also make sure not to create an expression. Copy the node I sent as an example and it will work.

@BramKn it dont work, see here:

and here:

What i have to do ?

Hi @Stefan

Now you are dealing with different data.
the item Lists node I suggested because it can easily get data from arrays. Messages form the previous data set was an array.

You can get the data with the SET node or with a quick function node I created for ya.

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Great !!! Thanks for your help-

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