Good morning all,

After realising my only way around this issue: Looking for a challenge? (filtering twitter webhook events) - Questions - n8n is to create a n8n instance on digital ocean, I did exactly that.

I followed the instructions, and all “seems” well. But now that I am trying to reach the droplet to access n8n it gives me a ssl error.

I’ve looked everywhere, I have no idea what to do.

DNS is pointing to the nameserves of digital ocean
everything else is set up as it should I think.

Please help, it has been several days now I try to find a solution for my initial problem, getting slighlty brain damage lol. Happy to pay some bucks if somebody can resolve this.

Hey @bees8, this looks like you’re using an invalid SSL certificate. Is nginx handling the SSL termination in your example (rather than n8n)? If so, you might want to check out Digital Ocean’s documentation on obtaining a free certificate from Let’s encrypt: How To Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 20.04 | DigitalOcean.

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Ok I am not sure what that means, but I will click the link and follow the instructions :slight_smile:

@MutedJam BRILLIANT, i got it to work! Just had to carefully redo everything again, and somehow it worked. Great tutorial!!

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Awesome, really happy to hear that. Not a Digital Ocean user myself, but their tutorials really are awesome.

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that too - but actually meant the n8n tutorial :slight_smile:

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