Keeping community nodes persistent

Hi All

I have n8n deployed on Railway, I notice that I redeploy I need to reinstall any community nodes I have. Is there a way to stop from happening? Configuring some kind of persistent storage for example?

You should make sure that the ~/.n8n folder persists. That is where the community nodes get installed to.

Thanks @jan so would this be the correct mount path?

Hi @jan

This doesn’t seem to be working and my build fails on redeploy, anything else you can recommend please?

Hey @Wayne,

The path would be /home/node/.n8n assuming your Railway install is using our standard docker image.

Thanks John

When I try to add the persistent volume using this path, the redeployment fails.

I’m using “FROM n8nio/n8n:latest”

Is there maybe an environment variable I need to add to get this working?

What happens on the redeployment?

@Jon deployment failed during build process, no deployment logs, only build logs:



Using Detected Dockerfile


context: 11e35f2e64a612b6b1db51593a7f3238

#0 building with "default" instance using docker driver


#1 [internal] load build definition from Dockerfile

#1 transferring dockerfile: 399B done


#1 DONE 0.0s


#2 [internal] load .dockerignore

#2 transferring context: 2B done

#2 DONE 0.0s


#3 [internal] load metadata for


#3 DONE 0.6s


#4 [1/1] FROM

#4 resolve done



#5 exporting to image

#5 exporting layers done

#5 writing image sha256:e241d85cf75948046659bd33f6fa75ab1fc912587228bb0b0eec6b946cb60724 done

#5 naming to 0.0s done


#5 DONE 0.0s


Build time: 0.88 seconds



Publishing Image


The push refers to repository []

Preparing  ef38d5bac3cc

Preparing  82bcdeb1e2e8

Preparing  188c181c1083

Preparing  5f70bf18a086

Preparing  87a9695b78b8

Preparing  bb154024caf4

Preparing  5f70bf18a086

Preparing  879b1e560390

Preparing  54e2f0467614

Preparing  a0bbbabe7b80

Preparing  78a822fe2a2d

Waiting  87a9695b78b8

Waiting  bb154024caf4

Waiting  879b1e560390

Waiting  54e2f0467614

Waiting  a0bbbabe7b80

Waiting  78a822fe2a2d

Layer already exists  5f70bf18a086

Layer already exists  ef38d5bac3cc

Layer already exists  82bcdeb1e2e8

Layer already exists  188c181c1083

Layer already exists  87a9695b78b8

Layer already exists  bb154024caf4

Layer already exists  54e2f0467614

Layer already exists  879b1e560390

Layer already exists  78a822fe2a2d

Layer already exists  a0bbbabe7b80

a7b8b78b-7234-4b0f-a85d-9bd23add39e5: digest: sha256:a5cd1ca41244a939fb0be843af7fd1c1082907e66fcb64ae645af115a44af823 size: 2616


Publish time: 0.39 seconds

Hey @Wayne,

The build shouldn’t fail becuase of that, Do you have a way to get more logs as that looks like the build was ok.

@Jon Not that I can see, only this: No deployment logs. All output sent to stdout will be displayed here

How do you know it failed? The log suggests it was all good.

@Jon Railway is displaying a failed message and it didn’t upgrade to the latest n8n version until I removed the storage:

Hey @Wayne,

It could be worth asking Railway if they can clarify what the issue actually is, It could be that they have an issue with the storage or it doesn’t work as we expect it to.

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