Key value storages

Sometimes I would like to have two different knots:
(currently I have to maintain it manually in a separate table and the handling is rather awkward).

Global Storage, which can contain values that are cross-workflow and cross-execution.

  • Get Global Storage Values (keys)
  • Set Global Storage Values (keys, values)

Workflow Storage, which can contain values that are only stored in the current workflow (cross-execution).

  • Get Workflow Storage Values (keys)
  • Set Workflow Storage Values (keys, values)

Hi @lublak - while the following doesn’t really help with global data, are you aware of a workflow’s static data feature?

Some details in docs here:

This data is not easily visible/ modifiable via the UI but perhaps can help in some of your case. Generally however, totally see the utility in having native data storage with a namespace aspect (global/ wf/ environment)

No, I must have overlooked that. Then “only” a real global storage is missing.

And perhaps a node gui would also be nice for this.

Storage Get

  • Columns
    • ColumnName

Storage Set

  • Columns
    • ColumnName
    • ColumnValue