Knack Integration

Knack is a Rapid Application Tool used for collecting and storing data, with some neat functionality to create workflow based on filters/views of the data. Having integration to N8N would at least soften some of the shortcomings of the API as you can not share data in between projects, which many people utilize the same data set or require certain segments to be up to date due to each Knack application performing a specific function.

I would be overjoyed if this could be put into place to allow to perform crud operation on one or all records, or even pull information from custom views.

I use knack and it is great! I would also be very happy :grinning: if someone could create a knack node with triggers for new and updated objects!

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Hey @Paul_Clarke welcome to the community. This will be added to the backlog, we will keep you posted.

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Thank you!!!

Adding this here for further reference, with regards to the possible/required functionalities for a Knack node:

@RicardoE105 any updates on adding Knack? thanks

Welcome to the community @myWebmaster !

As the integration received only 3 votes in the last 2 years is it currently sadly not a priority. If you are interested in it, you would probably have to create it yourself or find somebody to do it for you. Sorry

We use Knack extensively and have had a Knack node developed as we have quite a few integrations with other technologies. We will be making this available to the community.


Hi Nikky,

Great to see you on the community, welcom!

To add a bit more info, the Knack node will be available with the release of the community nodes feature.
So that should be soon :smile:


Hi, could you also share the node here, in the meanwhile?

Hi @shrey-42

This can be found here


Thanks for the link!

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Hi, I could not find the source code, do you have a link please? Thank you!

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Hi @paul2000

The source code wasn’t made public yet.
Why do you want the source code? Are you missing functionality?