KNMI node made but might not be so useful


I created a node for the KNMI, which is the weather service in The Netherlands.
Made the node to try creating a node from scratch. It went very well was completely done in 3 hours, following the excellent guide.
I wonder if it would even be helpful to create a pull request. As only Dutch people have any use for it (probably) and not even a lot of them would ever need this kind of data. (I guess)
Not sure if it would add unnecessary clutter.

Information on the API (in dutch)


Neat! Personally, I am totally fine with nodes that are only regionally useful (though maintenance might be hard).

I can see this question has already been flagged to @sirdavidoff for a closer look so let’s see what he says :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. Will wait for a reply.

Thanks for doing this, @BramKnuever — looks very cool!

We’re in the process of creating a community node repository where people can publish nodes and have them available in the UI.

I would suggest holding off until that’s ready and then submitting it there, since that would actually be the fastest way to get it into the hands of users.