Last execution gap

I encountered a bug while using the last execution feature in my workflow. The workflow is scheduled to run at one-minute intervals. Let’s say the workflow started at 10:30:01 and took 8 seconds to execute. The first step of the workflow involves fetching data using an HTTP node, followed by a lengthy calculation process. Assuming the workflow fetched data after 10:29:01, the data was retrieved between 10:29:01 and 10:30:01, and then it took 8 seconds to cover the next step of the workflow. However, when the workflow runs again, the last execution time is reported as 10:30:09 instead of 10:30:01.

The main issue we face here is that if new data is pushed during the 8-second execution time, the workflow fails to capture that data due to the time gap. I would appreciate your suggestions on how to address this problem.

Hi @Farheen_I, I am sorry you are having trouble here.

Perhaps you simply want to use a cron expression to specify an exact start time for your workflow? Like so:


Such a workflow would start exactly at every minute, even when taking more than 8 seconds to run when testing this just now on [email protected]:

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