Level 1 course IF node incorrect


In the cloud trial version the IF node False condition operates as a True statement in my review and is flawed. See enclosed pick as the IF statement does not filter the data (to show only 'processing" orderStatus) and logic is reversed. Some of the Lesson should be updated to reflect system changes as it is not very logical flow or read for noobies!

Hey Superdan!

I can’t reproduce this behavior - see screenshot and code below. Looking at your screenshot, I suspect a space character has snuck into the condition. See how there’s more whitespace before the {{ $json.orderStatus }} text in your field if you compare it to mine?

Thanks for quick response. Please see enclosed screen shot which shows the False statement generating 30 responses… if you run yours do you get the same result?

Should not the logic be (if the condition = “Processing”) then show so the true response should generate the responses not the false condition? What am I missing?

Also see my screen shot as it is also not filtering properly, where as it should only show those = Processing; yet the results on the right show orderID #2 where Mario has status = “booked”…this should be filtered, eh?

Hey @Superdan,

Can you share the full workflow? There could be a space after processing I noticed in your earlier worklfow it had a new line after it. It would be worth removing that second empty condition as well.

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Hey @Superdan,

I have updated your workflow json to fix the isues after the edits that broke it and have removed the 2 nodes that are not needed.

Looking at your If node you still have a new line after processing so this will be trying to compare the order status against processing and a new line.


If you correct this it will work as expected, When we use Equal to it is for an exact match which also takes new line characters and spaces into consideration to make sure.

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