❗ Level 1 Course update

Hello n8n Community,

A quick note to those diving into the Level 1 Course: We’re enhancing it to make your learning experience even better. To get the most value, we’d recommend pausing your journey for this week. Rest assured, our goal is to roll out the improved version by next week. Stay tuned for the update, and thanks for your patience!


Hi Nikki,
Do you also plan to update course 2? Actually a lot of the exercises don’t work like expected. Espacially the Date & Time Node seems not to work at all?!


Hey @nico-kow,

Welcome to the community :cake:

The level 2 course will be updated as well, Out of interest which part isn’t working as expected?

Hey @Jon,
thanks for your reply.

Here you can find an error. It doesn’t matter which function I want to use in the date and time node.

I use the self-hosted version of n8n v1.11.2


Hey @Jon @Nikki

Finally found a solution!
The problem is, that n8n is passing dates as strings, so the date which should be processed by the date & time node needs to get parsed before. It is also interessting that luxon also needs information about the timezone to work properly. Thanks ChatGPT for giving me that hint! :grin:

There should be a hint about that at least in the doc for the date & time node I think.


Hey @nico-kow,

Thanks for the digging, I believe this one is already on the list :+1:

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