Level 2 course - workflow 2 write binary file

Hey all,
I got a problem in level 2 course for workflow 2
Here is my workflow

Here is the problem, message error is “ERROR: EROFS: read-only file system, open ‘report_orderID18.json’”

I can’t understand, I don’t find any detail for “write binary file”, I found this Write Binary File - n8n Documentation, but it’s very simple…
If someone can help me and explain this, please. :heart:
Thank you.

Hey @min_gao,

How are you running n8n? The error is coming back to say that you don’t have access to write to the filesystem so it could be a configuration issue.

Hi @Jon,
Do you mean that I use N8N cloud or N8N selfhosted version or desktop app?
I use a desktop app. Write binary file is only for the other version?
Thank you for your help,