Level 2 - Merging and adding to Airtable


I am trying to complete the level 2 course and I have all the correct nodes as per instructions but I cannot get the fields.region and fields.subregion to update from the name.region and name.subregion fields in the http feed. When I merge them I can see in the output (set to both inputs merged) that it has matched them correctly.

When I then go to the airtable update and have set the ID of the base and table I cannot get them to update. All fields throws an error so I have tried to add the fields individually but how do I tell it to update fields.region with name.region?



AirTable (this shows the correct matching on the left but no update on left)

I hope you can help (please!)

Hi @BeardedWarlock

If it’s just the fields.region that is missing you can do the following:
Before the update node you can add a set node that changes the name of name.region to fields.region.


Thanks dude, that helped make things clearer. I think it needs me to use the ID from the air table for the record ID but as soon as I do that it moans about this:

ERROR: Your request is invalid or could not be processed by the service

You must provide an array of up to 10 record objects, each with an “id” ID field and a “fields” object for cell values.

I have searched this in the forum but I’m a bit of a rookie and got lost with the answers.

Any ideas anyone?

Right, got it. For some reason in the whole of this exercise my fields for the Airtable were in an array called fields. So whilst the SET control was used to fix this (thanks jesperbylund) I also needed to rename the ID field in the airtable. Its now updating fine.

Ta for the help.


Thanks for posting your solution, @BeardedWarlock !

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