License question

Hi Jan (and others)

I’ve been following N8n for a while now. Really great tool.
I’m actually using it for a MVP that I’m building myself, and that I want to test at my first customers.

N8n would be kind of the engine behind the scenes (instead of coding it), meaning i would provide an interface to some pre-built workflows running in n8n. The n8n instance could be running in the customer’s cloud (with some super specific nodes that I made myself).

It this ok to do, or am I messing with some license issue? Or should I contact when I get paid a certain amount?

Thanks in advance

Without knowing about it to much does it sound totally OK right now. Depending on what you have exactly planned would at some point the question probably be more if it is kind of consulting & support. But as there is a limit of $30k per year anyway also that is nothing to worry about right now. So have fun!